Healthcare & Medical Facilities

Industry Services Overview

Clinical facilities like Surgical and Medical Centers Require Specialized Sanitation to Ensure the Safety of Staff, Patients and Visitors. An Unclean Environment can Breed Disease cause Infection and lead to Serious Illness. Many Infectious Germs may be lying in wait to spread. In some instances, germs can live on surfaces for hours or even days. 

  • Right Flair Cleaning Service, LLC has years of experience in this field and is fully apt to Cleaning and Sanitizing any size Clinical and Surgical Facility. With that said Clinical and Surgical environments demand strict adherence to health care mandates, regulations and standards all set in place to ensure facilities are safe, and patients are afforded infection-free care. 

  • With growing concerns for infections acquired during procedures, it has never been important to engage in a program that reduces infection risks, lowers the high cost on non-compliance and ensures a safe environment for patients.

  • Important: Decontaminated areas in your facility are susceptible to recontamination by infected employees or customers carrying any type of flu like virus. For this reason, right flair cleaning recommends the following to optimize your defense against the influenza virus, methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other contagious viruses and bacteria that pose a threat to you, your company, employees, customers and visitors.

Recommended Maintenance

Continue your Regular Cleaning Service Schedule by:

  • Increasing the Frequency of your Cleaning 
  • Educating Employees on Proper Hand Washing and using hand sanitizers to Reduce the Risk of Spreading Bacteria.

Right Flair Cleaning has incorporated a Deep Cleaning procedure as part of our Daily Routine for: 

  • Restrooms
  • Procedure/surgical/exam rooms
  • Waiting rooms