Welcome to Right Flair Cleaning Service

Experience Quality Through Service

  • Let’s face it! No one likes to work, live or play in an unclean environment. At Right Flair Cleaning Service, LLC we are focused on your Health, Safety, Comfort and Productivity as well as that of your Employees and Family Members. As human beings we simply function better in a clean environment. People tend to be happier when the area around them is not only spotless but sanitized and smelling fresh as well. Our number one goal is to deliver a timely and efficient cleaning service at rates that you can be happy with.

Did You Know?

  • Most unwanted bacteria and viruses that unwanted bacteria and viruses that people contract originate from cleaned surfaces. This is exactly why we ensure all surfaces areas will be cleaned and sanitized beyond all expectations. Leaving you a safe as well as providing you with a pleasant environment, environment, your home or office deserves.

Our Mission

  • Our goal is Simple! Provide Office Cleaning that insures the safety and health of your Employees, Students, Patients and Family Members at a reasonable and very affordable cost. No matter what kind of business you own, we are a full cleaning service company committed to high quality and excellence in customer service. Its important to make the customer happy and a clean and healthy environment is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. We here at just flair cleaning services know that earning your trust means doing a complete and thorough job on each visit. This may seem like a tall order but once you contact us to clean your office, school, or health care facility it becomes crystal clear why we at right flair cleaning services are perfectly content with being one of the top cleaning service in Atlanta Georgia.